Jill Jorolemon Legacy of Commitment Award Winner: Dawn Paciorek

Jill Jorolemon Legacy of Commitment Award Winner: Dawn Paciorek

The Jill Jorolemon Legacy of Commitment Award is presented annually by the Komen CNY Affiliate to an extraordinary advocate of the Susan G. Komen CNY mission.  At the 2016 CNY Race, Team Captain, loyal volunteer, and generous fundraiser Dawn Paciorek was recognized with this honor.

Jill’s story is all too common, but her spirit was extraordinary. After being diagnosed with breast cancer in December 2003 at the age of 28, undergoing a mastectomy and completing both chemotherapy and radiation, Jill Jorolemon started back to teaching in September of 2004 and was looking forward to having a “normal life” back. That didn’t last long. Just two short months later, the cancer had recurred in her liver. She immediately started treatment. Jill lost her battle in December 2006 at the age of 31.

Jill Jorolemon faced her disease head on and focused with great determination on the silver lining, and through that positive attitude and her unwavering faith, she touched a huge number of lives, including those here at the Komen CNY office. Above and well beyond all else, Jill was the most amazing mother to her daughter, Alison, the most loving wife to her husband Chris and a shining star to her enormous circle of friends, students, and family.

The ray of sunshine that she was, Jill eagerly jumped into action on behalf of Komen for the Cure and she did so with love, determination, compassion and generosity. When she decided to support Komen and its ideals, she was there, regardless of whether she was recovering from exhausting treatments or in pain as a result of her disease.

And so, at Komen CNY and at the Race for the Cure, Jill’s presence is everywhere and will only build over time. Each year when we round up race participants, volunteers and donors, Jill will be the fuel behind that effort. She is forever a part of the electricity that powers our efforts, where people share their experiences and help each other get through the day. And every year when we lace up our sneakers to be a part of Race for the Cure to benefit Komen, Jill will give us the strength and determination to get to those next distance markers.

With this award we are keeping Jill’s legacy alive. We honor Jill. Her name is synonymous with commitment.  Since its inception, this award has been presented to the following committed individuals: Joan Cincotta, Ginny Biesiada O’Neill, Elaine Jacobs, Cynthia McKenzie, Roberta Cometti, Ann Marie Otis, Jon Selzer and now…Dawn Paciorek!